60 & Skating backwards down SF hills

Spreading Rolligion – 85 year old “Ziggy”

Skates San Francisco – DOWNHILL!!!


SKATERS SPREADING ROLLIGION – When San Francisco roller skater David Miles Jr. turned 60, he thought skating down one of San Francisco's steepest hills was a great accomplishment for a guy his age - UNTIL HE WAS PASSED BY AN 84 YEAR OLD ON INLINES!!!

On Thursday, July 6, 2017, Zigfried Stuhl,  or “Ziggy” as he is affectionately known by skaters in Golden Gate Park and who is 85 years old will show the world how skating keeps you young!!!  He will risk it all skating downhill from top of California St. hill from Mason St. to the Banker's Heart on California and Kearny. He is 85 and can skate like a champ!!! 

Ziggy is originally from Austria, the same home town as Arnold Schwarzenegger.  He is retired, but travels the world and always takes his skates. He is one of the Sunday regulars at the Skatin’ Place in Golden Gate Park. Ziggy along with speedskaters, skate instructors and race sponsors will be at the Barbary Coast Roller Marathon Skater’s Expo at the Church of 8 Wheels Roller Disco on Saturday, July 8, 2017 from 1PM to 3PM with free skate lessons and an open skate session for the public from 3PM to 5PM. This is being done to show people how much fun roller skating and inline skating

The Barbary Coast Roller Marathon is a 3 day celebration of roller skating and inline skating in the greatest city in the world – San Francisco!!!  It begins on Friday, July  7, with the San Francisco Friday Night Skate.  We will rolls into Saturday with an event expo and roller disco party at the Church of 8 Wheels Roller Disco. On Sunday we will present the only 26.2 inline marathon race on the West Coast on the Great Highway at Ocean Beach.

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