Church of 8 Wheels - LET'S ROLL CAMPAIGN

Michelle Obama has been a champion at getting people moving and getting fit. The First Lady has driven the message of mixing fun with fitness with the “Let’s Move” campaign. The Holy Rollers of the Church of 8 Wheels would like to build on that message, but with an 8 wheel  twist.


Roller skating and inline skating are fantastic ways to get a good workout while having a great time. The Let's Roll Campaign at the Church of 8 Wheels let's you use roller skating and inline skating at the Church and teaches you the line dance techniques that we use skating in Golden Gate Park as a fitness regiment

The Church of 8 Wheels Let's Roll Campaign is designed to introduce new skaters to fitness and recreational skating and to provide a fitness challenge to other skaters looking to practice, train, lose weight or just have fun.  It is based on the President's Fitness Challenge.  Participants register online and post their progress into their own personal activity log and keep track their activities online.

Your skating hours can be logged for all the time you spend skating, but those of you that want to learn the line dances on skates, we will be teaching those line dances and using them as a roller exercise session every

Saturday afternoon from 1PM to 2:30 P.M. Not only will you get a fantastic workout on wheels, you'll be able to go out to Golden Gate Park and join in the fun with the skaters that dance these moves every Sunday.   You will learn the Thriller dance, Crazy Eights and much more.  We will even bring in the skaters that have created many of the dance skate routines performed today.  Not only will the Let's Roll Campaign get you rollin' like a champion, it'll get you feeling like one as well.


1) Go to
2) Fill out the registration form.
* Be sure to include the following info during registration *
Our Group Name is C.O.R.A. SkateFit Program
Our Group ID Number: 56336
Choose a Member Name: [something cool]
3) After registering, start logging your activities. As you log activities you'll be able to track your progress toward winning a President's Challenge Award or Medal.

                                                 Info under construction - please stay tuned!!!

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