December 13, 1992


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ROLLERBLADERS RACE down Hacienda Drive on Saturday during the Christmas Classic Roller-skating Championships.

Skating Enthusiasts Roll Into Pleasanton

By Bruce Richardson Staff writer

PLEASANTON - Roller-skating promoter David Miles Jr., who organized races for Saturday in Hacienda Business Park, had just about given up hope for good weather. Unfortunately, after a very wet week, most of the expected participants did give up hope and didn't show for the sunny, sparkling morning. About 10 people, using the in-line skates known as Rollerblades, participated in the 5 and lO kilometer races held on a course set up at the edge of the business park. There were 10 entries in the 50.kilometer race.

Tony Rango, 24, of San Francisco, noticed ice on the road when he first showed up early Saturday. "The rain (from earlier in the week) kind of put a damper on things," Rango said. Rango tried a lap or two of the roughly 2-kilometer course, but didn't enter any of the races. An avid skater, he'd never tried a race and said he just wanted to check it out.

Miles, head of the Outdoor Rollerskating Association of America said he had hoped for perhaps 100 people to come. Miles plan was to share with Pleasanton a little bit of what a lot of people in San Francisco enjoy on Sundays in Golden Gate Park - a place without cars, to skate.

Miles, 36, with 14 years of skating behind him, is enthusiastic about the sport. His van has a sign on the license plate: "I'd rather be roller-skating." "Skating has a spirit to it," Miles said. "We're trying to create a positive image for skating. It's fun. Too many people think that skaters are out of control." Miles said he's hoping to get a Boy Scout Explorer post set up in Pleasanton that would have roller skating as its primary' activity.

Steve Hunter, sales manager for the Pleasanton Convention and Visitors Bureau, went out to the course Saturday,.and liked what he saw "I haven't seen anything like this," Hunter said.

Hunter said the Christmas Day parade on Main Street might have drawn people away from the event. But Hunter said he would like to see Miles back in Pleasanton.Spring or summer would be good, Hunter said.

Today the ORAA is sponsoring "Skate Safe Sunday at Clubsport in Pleasanton. Miles and others will share skating techniques.

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