The Next Step In The Evolution Of Roller Skating in San Francisco

As the “GodFather of Skate” in San Francisco. I began roller skating as a volunteer in Golden Gate Park on the Skate Patrol in 1979. Over these 40 years I have been an advocate for roller skating in all its forms. Recreationally in Golden Gate Park, as alternative transportation in skate-a-thons from San Francisco to Los Angeles as sport in the Napa Valley Inline Marathon and other races and as a fun, healthy fitness activity through the President’s Council of Physical Fitness add much, much more!!!

There are very few people that are actually living their dream.  I am one of those few.  In 2013 I had a roller disco party in an abandoned church, formerly Sacred Heart Church 554 Fillmore St @ Fell St. in San Francisco’s Fillmore District. The building was dirty, cluttered with wood and dust everywhere along with a huge net protecting those below from the possibility of falling debris. Look at it today and you could never imagine this kind of transformation.  Today this is the Church of 8 Wheels, San Francisco’s Roller Disco!!! 

The Church of 8 Wheels is one of those unique happenings that expresses the essence of what makes San Francisco such a great place to live!!! It's been honored as "Best of the Bay” 2014 and again in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 in San Francisco Magazine, S.F. Weekly, S.F. Bay Guardian, huge write ups in the Chronicle, The Bold Italic,  Hoodline and other blogs and websites both here and abroad!!!

The Church is absolutely fantastic, but our time there is limited. At some point we will have to move from this location.  The building owners plan to convert the building into condos at some point. (surprised?) I am opening a dialogue with the Presidio Trust and explore the possibility of converting this building on the left into a grand roller skating rink for San Francisco. There is no better activity that would fit in with the surrounding business and activities like the House of Air, the Climbing Wall and bike rentals in the same area.

Crissy Field  in the Presidio of San Francisco, was the first a coastal air coastal defense station on the West Coast..  Today is serves as the "front yard" of one of America's greatest national recreation areas.  We want to transform Building 937, a former airplane hangar into San Francisco's greatest roller skating rink.

Building 937 –(17,972 square feet) is a steel framed structure with a concrete slab floor and roof structure.  It’s south and west exterior walls consists of board formed concrete up to the sill height, with steel framed industrial glazing  above that. The building’s north wall is steel frame supporting solid corrugated siding. The building’s interior is almost entirely open and its east elevation originally opened up completely to the airfield with track mounted horizontal sliding doors which slid back into the building interior. The doors and tracks still exist, but were sealed shut. I truly believe that this former airplane hangar could be transformed in the most fantastic roller skating facility in the world!!!

This is no easy task.  There is no plumbing, the electrical system will have to be created.  We would have to create and build everything from the skate floor, lighting, concessions stands, bathrooms, offices and the biggest cost of all, a $5,000,000 earthquake retrofit of the building. All this must be done and it must be within the conditions set to historically designated buildings. 


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This is "Tne Oaks", Portland Oregon.  It's the model for Skate San Francisco

The Presidio Trust is the organization charged with leasing this property and the idea I have presented has been very well received.  However it's now time to rally my forces and approach this from a much more serious point of view. I am now forming a group o begin tackling this with me as we move forward. We are not planning to ever leave the Church of 8 Wheels.  However I believe I can create a roller rink on a grand scale that can accommodate more people and  more programming than we ever could at CO8W. I honestly believe that this roller rink could be that missing element that would complete the transformation of this part of the Presidio rejuvenation and create an even more thriving business and entertainment district for San Francisco.

 Fundraising has begun to cover the costs of this attempt to build this roller rink. I'm not quite ready today, but tomorrow is coming!!!  If you or your company would like to help me reach this goal, please send me an e-mail Let's talk!!!


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