Shooting Victim's Friends Mourn        

Bruce Marshall was shot down when he interrupted a truck break-in                 

By Paul Avery               

 EXAMINER STAFF     Nov.5, 1993

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The sad occasion was a gathering of a few of the many friends of Bruce Marshall. Some of them weeping, they knelt on the side-walk in Japantown and placed flowers on the spot where Marshall fell mortally wounded last Friday from a bullet fired by two young bandits.

"Bruce is gone, and nothing is going to bring him back, but his memory has to go on, and people have to know that this guy was someone special, someone who went out of his way to help people, a real Good Samaritan," said David Mlles, who most Sundays spent hours with Marshall in Golden Gate Park on the Rollerskate Patrol

"I was his girlfriend for a while six years ago, and when (that relationship) ended, our friendship continued to grow," said Monica Anguiano "He was my best friend He was always there for me, always there for everyone he cared for"

Marshall and McCann never married, but together shared in the care of their son, 3-year-old Quincy Marshall.

After they placed their flowers on the sidewalk, McCann and Anguiano for several minutes stood and hugged each other and cried at the loss of the man they both loved.

A 'birthday' gathering

The brief, somber ceremony honoring Marshall took place Thursday - it would have been his 23rd birthday - in front of the Denny's restaurant at 1700 Post St., just a few yards from the Japantown police koban. At about 4:45 a.m. last Friday, the koban was closed. Next door at Denny's, Marshall and his friends Chris Alcaras, James Jones and Mike Halverson were finishing a predawn breakfast after a long night's work.

"We have this mobile DJ (disc jockey) service, and we had just come from working this Halloween party and we were hungry and we knew (Denny's) was open all night," Halverson sald.

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While Halverson and Jones waited at the cash register to pay for the meals, Marshall and Alcaraz walked across Post Street where one of their two vehicles was parked

Spotted thieves at work

In the next few moments, said Inspector Napoleon Hendrix of the SFPD homicide detail, Marshall and Alcaraz noticed two young men trying to break into their truck.

When Marshall and Alcaraz asked what the two men were doing, one replied, "We do what we want. These are our streets," Hendrix said. "And he started to make a move on Alcaraz like he was going to punch him, and Alcaraz grabbed him, and there was a struggle, and they both went down onto the sidewalk.

When the two men got up the other robber pulled out a gun shot Alcarar in the stomach then turned and shot Marshall the back and in the head, Hendrix said.

Marshall, who worked as a host at the Chevy's restaurant in Moscone Center, most probably died instantly, Hendrix sai&

Alcaraz was rushed to Francisco General Hospital, where doctors performed surgery and saved his life.

Marshall was born in The attended public schools and graduated from McAteer High, where he was a wide receiver for the Jaguars football team.

He also was a whiz at roller skating.

"We're there in (Golden Gate Park) every Sunday, and what we do is help people, like when they fall and get hurt, and we look for lost kids, which happens quit often" said Miles.

"One Sunday, we hear about this handicapped kid, maybe 10 years old, who's lost somewhere in the park. Bruce right away takes off (skating) and looks all over, he finally finds the kid and brings him back safe. "That's the kind of person was. That's the person who was gunned down, murdered, for nothing at all."

Anyone with information about the crime is asked to call Inspector Hendrix or Inspector Earl Sanders at (415) 553-1145.


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