The San Francisco Skaters Showcase is a celebration of 44 years of roller skating and inline skating in the greatest city in the world – San Francisco!!! 

On Sunday July 30, 2023, we will present the San Francisco Skaters Showcase. Skaters will perform their routines in Singles, Couples and Groups.

We’re planning something special for the groups. The SF Bay Area has many skate communities.  We’re encouraging them to form groups of five skaters and develop their own skate routines.

To participate in the Skaters Showcase is free!!! To watch is free!!! If you or your group want to participate, send your info to  


All performers must be registered no later than July 23, 2023. We need your full name, the name of your group, the City or skate area you represent and your contact information.

 All performances should be presented in good taste.

All performances should be between 3 to 5 minutes long.

The event is purely an exhibition.  No Judging. No competition.

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