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Sunday Streets San Francisco is the City's most successful effort to get people off the couch, away from the TV and out  having fun in the streets living a healthy lifestyle. We call it creating "Recreational Asphalt" and we are putting the roller skating scene into the mix!!!

Come out with the members of the California Outdoor Rollersports Association, the Church of 8 Wheels and the skaters from the Black Rock Roller Disco (Burning Man Theme Camp) as we attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest chain of roller skaters.  We will also attempt to establish a new record for the worlds longest skating serpentine.  This all takes place on the Great Highway at San Francisco's Ocean Beach in conjunction with Sunday Streets


We did this before and had a fantastic time.  However there are some strict rules that must be followed to establish a worlds record and not all of them were followed.  This year we have everything worked out and we are ready to follow through, so if you are ready as well, take a look at the rules of the event below and be prepared to come ready to be a part of the chain in the Guinness Book of World Records skate on Sunday, June 8, 2014!!!

The donations contributed through this event will go to revamp the Black Rock Roller Disco  Burning Man Theme Camp with a great new floor to bring our fantastic skate scene to the Playa in 2014.

The event will take place on Sunday June 8, 2014. Registration will open at 9 AM at the intersection opf Noriega and the Lower Great Highway.  Here you can pick up your bib numbers and/or register for the event. The first record attempt will begin at 11AM and the second at noon. 

After the world record attempt, we will move the skate action to Skatin' Place, 6th Ave. and Kennedy Drive in Golden Gate Park. There will be a Skaters’ Showcase at 2PM where roller skaters will show off their skills. There is even a segment where the audience will learn  the coolest line dancing skate groove .

According to the official rules, EVERYONE MUST BE REGISTERED FOR THE WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT.   The registration fee is $10. Skate rentals are $5.  ALL the funds raised will go towards the Black Rock Roller Disco to help get the roller rink and crew to Burning Man 2014.


There are quite a few guidelines that must be followed in order for our Guinness World Record attempts to be validated.  Please read all the info below and be prepared when the time comes to skate.

Every participant must be registered for the world record event. Each participant will receive a bib number that must be placed in plain sight on their chest area. The event will be videotaped from many angles and by many media people.  The registrations, bib numbers, videotapes and media coverage are all crucial elements in the verification process.

1.   The Worlds Longest Chain of Roller Skaters is specifically for four wheel "quad" roller skates.  Each skaters will hold on to the other skaters hips as the group moves together a distance of at least 400 meters without breaking the chain. HOLDING ONTO CLOTHING, BACKPACKS OR ANYTHING OTHER THAT THE PERSON'S HIPS IN FRONT OF YOU VOIDS THE RECORD ATTEMPT.  IF THE CHAIN BREAKS AT ANY POINT THE ATTEMPT IS VOID.

3.   The World’s Longest Skating Serpentine is a little different as it is for both inline and regular roller skates. A skating serpentine is a long line of skaters that are linked hand to hand.  The leader or “head“ of the serpentine moves forward and the chain of skaters follow.  The head makes turns to the left and to the right as it moves forward forming a snake-like motion with the chain of skaters.  This is the serpentine. Just as in the chain of skaters, we will have to travel at least 400 meters in an unbroken chain. HOLDING ONTO CLOTHING, BACKPACKS OR ANYTHING OTHER THAT THE PERSON'S HAND IN THE CHAIN VOIDS THE RECORD ATTEMPT.  IF THE CHAIN BREAKS AT ANY POINT THE ATTEMPT IS VOID.

Be aware of the kind of clothing that you wear. We want everyone to be bright and colorful, but we don't want you or others tripping or being interfered with by hats, long coats, scarfs, feather boas or other articles that would cause the record to be voided. You must be a competent skater to participate.  No pets are allowed.  No dogs on leashes.  A competent child skate will be allowed, but if you present a child that is deemed not competent enough to participate, you will be responsibility for the trama that child will suffer from the experience, so don't make us say no to your child because we will if we have to.

For more information contact David Miles at 415-752-1967 or e-mail to

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