Spreading Rolligion Internationally!!!”

Ungem Skate Club of Nairobi, Kenya

Known as the “ GodFather of Skate”,  David Miles Jr. been a fixture skating in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park for 35 years.  His weekly Friday Night Skate has been rollin’ through the streets of the City since 1889 and helped spark the beginnings of Critical mass.  His award winning theme camp, the Black Rock Roller Disco was voted as one of the most love camps at Burning Man for all time. And now with his Church of 8 Wheels roller disco in San Francisco, people are rediscovering just how much fun life with wheels on your feet can be. 

ROLLIGION  is on a roll in San Francisco and now it is an international movement. The Ungem Skate Club of Nairobi, Kenya had posted pictures on social media as they were trying to get help to promote skating there. They seemed excited and ready to roll, but they needed skates, wheels, bearings and the like.   Months went by as they asked for help with no help coming.  That’s when the GodFather stepped in!!!

David Miles not only runs the Church of 8 Wheels, he also produces the Napa Valley Inline Marathon race on the Silverado Trail in Napa Valley annually. After watching the Kenyan runners dominate marathon running, he thinks they could help show the world that they could also dominate inline speedskating if given the opportunity. 

Miles boxed up about 30 pairs of skates on Dec. 18, 2014 and sent them to Victor Kaptein of the Ungem Skate Club of Nairobi.  As San Francisco skaters were all rolling on a beautiful Sunday in Golden Gate Park, the Kenyan skates were celebrating their new skates the same Sunday in Nairobi. 

The seeds have been planted.