The Certification for Instructor Candidates runs:


Friday night, April 25th, 6:30pm -9pm (2.5 hours)


Saturday April 26th, 9am-6pm (9 hours if needed, usually ends at 5pm)


Sunday, April 27th, 9am to 6pm ( hours if needed, usually ends by 4pm)


Candidates who do not attend all hours of the certification will not likely pass certification and given the number of hours on skates, we do not recommend that people plan any personal events on Saturday night (this last notation is merely a suggestion)


Cost of Program: $250. (assuming 6 or more sign up). Usually the cost is $300 per person, so this is a great opportunity to get this at a great price.


Registration: You must register online via Skate IA Website (Level 1 certification) Registration must occur soon, no later than March 15th, the sooner you register, the sooner you will get the manual.


Manual: Once you are registered your manual will be sent to your email address, is two parts. 42 pages long. You will want to have read the first half several times prior to the certificaiton as the written exam is based almost entirely on that section.


Skills: There are five required skills and three additional skills you will need to perform. There are videos of these skills on the website, although two skills have changed and they will be updated shortly. A list of the skills is below. You will be tested on all 8 skills and should be able to perform them fairly well. We will work on these skills Saturday morning to help you better achieve the points you need to pass the skills test and as you teach the skills you will also have a chance to practice them.


Examiners: Your senior Examiner will be Trish Alexander and assistant examiner will be Shaun Unwin. They will be both teaching and testing all candidates.



Teach & Demonstrate:

V walk to Basic stride

Heel stop or Toe stop

Lunge Turn - both directions (On the web this is an A-frame turn and it is now a lunge turn)

Parallel Turns - both directions

Backwards skating – swizzles


Demonstrate only

Crossovers in a circle - both directions

Mohawk transitions – one direction

Pivot Turn or Spin stop – one direction (This pivot turn has been added) You may choose one of these two skills to demonstrate




Instructor examination program

San Francisco, California Agenda

Church of 8 Wheels, 554 Fillmore - 94117

Fri/ Sat/Sun April 25/26/27, 2014


Friday, 4/25/2014  -  Day 1

6:30pm-9:00pm meeting (2.5 hours)


·         Collect waivers and membership forms

·         Names and background information

·         About Skate Instructors Assoc, why it matters

·         Show test points and go over manual

·         Basic Technique review: BREW


Saturday, 4/26/14  -  Day 2


9am meet at venue


·         Gear up (all protective gear required, including Elbow, Knee, Wrist & Helmet – no exceptions

·         Basic Skills, review and practice each of the 5 teaching skills and the three Intermediate/Advanced skills.

·         Begin practice on the Teaching Model: S.A.P.A.R.S with the Introduction (NAGS, FALLING/BREW)



  • Lunch on your own (bring lunch or go out and grab lunch) 45 minutes


12:45pm – 5pm (or 6pm)

·         Learn how to use 3 + 3s. Practice all five of the teaching skills, each candidate will get a chance to teach each skill.  

·         How to give feedback so students can hear you

·         Incorporating the four learning styles into the lesson

·         Practice effective, efficient, fun and safe class management


5pm is set as the end of the day BUT it will occur when all questions are answered and all candidates have had a chance to teach all five skills so it might go until 6pm.





Sunday 4/27/14 – Day 3, Testing Day



  • Answer any and all questions
  • Skating Skills Demonstration (refresh on skill 3+3
  • Demonstration and practice of 8 skating skills
  • Demonstration of each skill by examiner
  • Teaching Skills Exam


10:30-12:15 (Typically we all go to a restaurant/food court and take exam  and have lunch together)

  • Written Exam
  • When you turn in your test you will be given the skill you will be teaching for your practical exam.


12:30 (or until completed)

·         Practical teaching exam. Each candidate will teach their assigned skill to two or three other ‘students.’


Graduation for candidates who have passed their exam (80% out of 100% or better in each category). (what happens if I don’t pass skills or teaching exams?  You may retake your exam at a later date via YouTube or Skype)


What to bring:

  1. Manual, pen and clipboard
  2. Chair  (not sure if there are places to sit, but these chairs come in handy)
  3. Layers of clothes for warmth or sunscreen or rain, depending on the weather.
  4. Second pair of skates (?) By this I mean that often peoples feet get tired in one pair so a second pair can provide comfort
  5. Wheels at 80mm or less for inline (no larger). Much of these skills we teach beginners requires agility and maneuverability. Race skates do not work. Quad skates? Wheels appropriate for the surface.
  6. A brake on your skate and all your protective gear. (toe stops or heel brakes)
  7. Extra socks (no cotton socks, best with manmade or Smart Wool)
  8. Snacks, lots of snacks and/or lunch (We do bring some snacks for you!)
  9. Water bottle
  10. Your energy, it’s a long but fun weekend.

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