The Apostles of the Church of 8 Wheels are skate instructors that are sent out be messengers/ambassadors of the Church.  They are spreading rolligion throughout the land by teaching the skills that will open a whole new exciting world of roller skating to all. They have all went through rigorous training and have been certified to teach skating by the Skate Instructors Association and are more than ready to teach you how to skate.


I tried skating as a kid with steel wheels in the 70's and a little as a teenager in the 80's. Of course it was fun, but it was not until living in the Bay Area in the late 90's that skating really took hold in my life. That's when things got exciting.

Over the past few years I have made efforts to be competent with both in line and roller (quad) skates. I enjoy disco skating around the glide lane as an individual and pairs, free-wheeling on the dance floor and street skating. I have also been known to crash a bar, house party or street fair with my roller skates on.

I have also played and coached numerous sports which I draw upon to keep lessons challenging and fun.

 Now that I am a Skate IA Level 1 Instructor,   I would be happy to

give you a solid foundation for skating that all levels of experience canbenefit. As you learn and grow, we can nurture your own unique style of skating. I will also be happy to share any and all of my skating tricks or moves.

I look forward to seeing you around the glide lane.

Saint Matthew
Apostle from the Church of 8 Wheels.




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