Sunday, July 31, 2022 - 2PM to 4PM

On Sunday July 31, 2022, San Francisco’s roller skaters will gather at Skatin’ Place, 6th Ave and JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park for an event called, “The San Francisco Skaters Showcase”.  This is not a competition, but an exhibition of the joy of roller skating. Roller skaters from throughout the Bay Area will roll in to show off their skills on the wheels.  There will be single, pairs and group performances.  There’s even a segment for the audience to come join in the line dance as we all do the “Cupid Shuffle”.

In 1987, the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Dept. closed the 6th Ave. and Fulton entrance to Golden Gate Park to car traffic. Nearly 35 years later it is the best example of how a public outdoor roller rink can bring joy to thousands of people. Whether you’re skating or on the hillside watching, spend a Sunday afternoon here and you will agree that this is the happiest place in the park.

The event is free!!!  Just get a spot on the grass and watch the show. D. Miles, San Francisco’s GodFather of Skate will serve as your MC for the day.  Roller skating is getting people moving and getting fit. It’s fun, interactive and we are inviting the public and check it all out. We plan to show you why we consider our skating here a rolligious experience!!!  We’re going to have a funky good time!!!


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