The Apostles of the Church of 8 Wheels are skate instructors that are sent out be messengers/ambassadors of the Church.  They are spreading rolligion throughout the land by teaching the skills that will open a whole new exciting world of roller skating to all. They have all went through rigorous training and have been certified to teach skating by the Skate Instructors Association and are more than ready to teach you how to skate.


I started skating when I was five years old, but never skated very well.  My interest was renewed as an adult eight years ago, when I started taking classes.  With proper instruction and regular practice, I became the skater I am today; good enough to have a couple of impressive moves and to become a Skate IA Level 1 Certified Instructor

I got my start as an adult skater by rolling at various rinks in the Bay Area.  But when my favorite rink, Cal Skate Milpitas, closed in 2011 I went searching for a new skating home.  Eventually I found myself at the 6th Avenue Skatiní Place in Golden Gate Park.  Before long, I was skatiní and steppiní at all kinds of places in the City, including Inner Mission (Cellspace), the Womenís Building, and even outside the Ferry Building.  And now, we have the Church of 8 Wheels.

Being an instructor is not just about skating with skill.  In my time I have seen some top-notch skaters who try to teach others and fail.

In order to properly teach skating, various moves must be broken down in ways that can be understood by new skaters.  And thatís what I can do; use what Iíve learned over eight years to get you started in learning to skate, or to improve on what you already know.  








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