PREMIERE: James Vincent McMorrow - "Gold" (Official Video)
Starring D. Miles Jr. - The GodFather of Skate in San Francisco

We all have our hobbies; making music, binge-eating, bullying people on Twitter. But the guy in the video above has a pretty fucking cool hobby - he's a roller skater. I always wished I could be like the dudes in Hyde Park that would blade around topless with a boombox at the height of summer, but sadly my co-ordination (and lack of a gym membership) ensured my dream would never be realised. I'm super jealous because not only is he great at rollerskating, he looks really happy to be great at rollerskating.

The video is the latest to be lifted from James Vincent McMorrow's critically-acclaimed second album Post Tropical. The track is called "Gold" - it's the sort of life affirming sound that should be playing when all the dramatic bits happen in films. Someone sign this guy up for an Official Soundtrack right now.

Gold Credits:

Written, Directed & Produced by - Emma J Doyle & Cory Philpott
Director of Photography - Robin Leveille
First Assistant Camera - Hannah Keiver
Colourist - Justin Wotherspoon
Sound - Ross Dowling
Roller Skater - David Miles Jr.

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