Introducing the Holy Rollers of the Church of 8 Wheels: Uniting the Joy of Skating with the Spirit of Community!!!


Dear skating enthusiasts and believers in the power of unity,

We are thrilled to invite you to join the Holy Rollers, the official club of the Church of 8 Wheels. As we lace up our roller skates and glide across the shiny floors of our unique roller skating rink within the church and when we skate in the beauty and joy of Golden Gate Park, we are reminded of the exhilarating feeling of freedom and the joyous spirit that skating brings to our lives.

At the Church of 8 Wheels, we have created a place where people from all walks of life come together, united by the shared love of skating. We embrace diversity, celebrate individuality, and cherish the sense of community that flourishes within our holy grounds. Our mission is simple: to spread "Rolligion" everywhere we go!

By joining the Holy Rollers, you become part of a vibrant community that offers exciting benefits and exclusive opportunities. As a member, you will receive your very own Holy Rollers T-shirt, proudly displaying your dedication to both skating and the Church of 8 Wheels. But that's just the beginning!

As a Holy Roller, you will enjoy reduced admission to our roller skating sessions, giving you even more opportunities to practice your moves and master those spins and twirls. We believe in nurturing the skating talents of our members, so we offer access to specialized workshops and training sessions where you can refine your skills under the guidance of seasoned skaters.

But it doesn't stop there! The Holy Rollers club hosts a variety of special events throughout the year, from themed skating parties to exhilarating group outings. Imagine gliding through the city streets with your fellow Holy Rollers, spreading joy and laughter wherever you go. Together, we will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Club Benefits:

By becoming a member of the Holy Rollers, you gain access to an array of exciting perks:

Exclusive Holy Rollers Club T-shirt: Wear it with pride and let the world know you're part of our unique skating family.

Reduced Admission: Enjoy discounted entry fees whenever you visit the Church of 8 Wheels the ultimate incentive for more skating adventures!

Special Events & Skating Parties: Get ready for spectacular themed events, exhilarating skating parties, and unforgettable memories.

Member-Only Workshops: Enhance your skating skills and share your knowledge with others during our special workshops.

Community Support: Engage in acts of kindness and giving back through our various community outreach initiatives.

Joining the Holy Rollers is easy. Simply fill out the form at or come to the Church of 8 Wheels during our opening hours to register. By becoming a member, you will not only gain access to a range of exclusive benefits but also become an integral part of our ever-growing Rolligion movement.

So, let your passion for skating and your devotion to community come together at the Holy Rollers of the Church of 8 Wheels. Together, we will embrace the thrill of skating, forge new friendships, and spread the spirit of joy and togetherness wherever we roll.

Join us, and let the Holy Rollers be your skating sanctuary.

Yours in Rolligion,

David Miles Jr.

The GodFather of Skate

Founder, Holy Rollers of the Church of 8 Wheels

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