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Well skaters here is where I really need you to come through. We all know just how wonderful Golden Gate Park can be. The addition of the Observation Ferris Wheel in the park has put an exclamation point on the kind of fantastic experiences that the park is providing the people of San Francisco. This is desperately needed as we are still in the grips of the Covid 19 pandemic. 

I support the Ferris Wheel being in the park!!! However it is in danger of being kicked out of the park. I want to help with the letter writing campaign in support of the proposal to extend the Observation Wheel in Golden Gate Park for an additional 4 years. The Wheel was originally approved for only one year but has been open just a few days due to Covid restrictions. In that short time, we all have seen the Wheel energize the Music Concourse.

They are asking for a 4 year extension because they believe that it will provide a great economic engine to drive people to the park and visitors to San Francisco.  There is a group of neighbors and others that are objecting to the installation and they need our support. Those same neighbors will soon be lining up to stop our Golden Gate Park Friday Night Skate as well. The extension is subject to approval by the Historic Preservation Commission and the Rec and Park Commission, both of whom are holding hearings next week.

Not only will I write a letter of support but I will be one of the main speakers at the hearings (particularly at Historic Preservation, which is on Wednesday, March 3, 2021 at 12:30pm). The attached document explains how you can send an email, and participate in the remote hearings. Change up the words to express your feelings about the Wheel!!!

HPC-Commissions Secretary <>;


Ideally individually as well

To: Hyland, Aaron (CPC) <>
Matsuda, Diane (CPC) <>
Black, Kate (CPC) <>
Johns, Richard (CPC) <>
Foley, Chris (CPC) <>
Pearlman, Jonathan (CPC) <>
So, Lydia (CPC) <>

• Recreation & Park Operations Committee: Thursday, February 4th at 2pm
• Historic Preservation Commission: Wednesday, February 17th at 12:30pm
• Recreation & Park Full Commission: Thursday, February 18th at 10am

Agendas – These come out three days to a week before the meetings
HPC Commission -
Recreation and Park Commission – click on separate buttons for Operations Committee Documents and Full Commission Documents


You can use this e-mail template to craft your letter!!!

Subject: Golden Gate Park Sky Wheel

Historic Preservation Commissioners,

I am writing in support of a four-year extension of the Sky Wheel in Golden Gate Park.

A COUPLE SENTENCES ABOUT WHO YOU ARE AND WHY THE WHEEL IS IMPORTANT TO YOU. (eg: As a resident of the Inner Sunset close to the Wheel my family and I delight in seeing the symbol of hope during our visits to Golden Gate Park.)

By providing a fun, COVID-safe activity in the Music Concourse, the Wheel adds to the sense that Golden Gate Park is truly everybody’s park. The east end of the park is full of wonderful activities and cultural institutions, and while the trails, meadows and wooded areas of the west end of the park provide acres and acres where people can escape the hubbub of the city and enjoy nature. With this combination there is truly something for everyone to do in Golden Gate Park.

I know that the Wheel needs to be closed right now for health reasons, but my family and I are looking forward to riding it when it is safe again to do so. Even closed it makes the Music Concourse a nice place to visit and get outside, and when it reopens it will be a wonderful place to belatedly celebrate the 150thAnniversary of our beloved park.

FROM BUSINESS OWNERS/SUNSET ADVOCATES:It’s no secret that our business community has been economically impacted by COVID-19. The Sky Wheel has helped bring increased foot traffic to our neighborhood and businesses that are desperately needing patronage. As health restrictions are lessened, I hope that we experience increased foot traffic for the small businesses in the Richmond and Sunset that have been so hard hit by the Shelter in Place restrictions.

I look forward to continuing to celebrate our community as we shelter at home and then, I hope, with a ride on the wheel to take in a view of this entire beautiful city.

Best regards,

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