Well skaters, it looks like the Church of 8 Wheels will be closed until further notice due to the situation with the Coronavirus. Everyone must do their part to keep everyone else safe. We are making adjustments at the roller disco and will reopen when we are given permission to reopen.

When we reopen, the hours will be different.  We plan to restrict the numbers of skaters in a session, but we will add more sessions.  We have a new cleaning and disinfectant protocol that will happen every 2 hours on all touchable surfaces. We have installed over 250 ft of UV light strips at the entrance, sign in area, coat check area and skate rental window. Also the walls inside both sides are lined with UV light strips as well.

When we do reopen,  the Church of 8 Wheels must ask all patrons to please do not come if you have ANY kind of fever, cold or flu symptoms. We have plenty of hand sanitizer for everyone. Please use it. Please refrain from hugs and handshakes and use safer ways to show greetings and affection. When standing in line to enter, please keep 6ft. between and the next skater in line.

As of May 4, roller skating in Golden Gate Park will be allowed!!!  SOCIAL DISTANCING MUST BE IN PRACTICE AT ALL TIMES!!! You can find the rules to social distancing at https://sf.gov/sites/default/files/2020-04/Stay%20Safe%20at%20Home%20Health%20Officer%20Order%20FAQs%20Rev%204.29_CLEAN.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0kLqgVl9YDlbAQSgWVkKXGOtexIpXlXtCvdRtbgGmBR125DwK4AOj6IBs

Please watch the website for updates.

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